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CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit

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The CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit Lets You Get More Done in Less Time

cnc machine retrofit kit

Our CNC Jr. Table Top Mill is known for its good price, compact size, precision cutting, and dependability.

Now we have a way to make it even better.

Our CNC Jr. retrofit kits will make the CNC Jr. easier than ever to use while also giving you the ability to make cuts that are even more accurate. The retrofit kits are able to simplify complicated plans, such as the production of precision cuts, and their complex measurements. It condenses a normally long process into the space of a few minutes. You will save production time and have the ability to pay for the cost of the kits after a few production runs.

With our easy-to-understand instructions, the retrofitting project will be complete in just a few short steps. First, mount your new parts. Install the software that is bundled with the retrofit kit. Then, plug the new control unit into your computer's USB port. That is it! You are now ready to use your newly updated CNC Jr.

You can also use files from CAD-CAM or CorelDRAW to scan images in before engraving detailed parts.

Plus, with the CNC Jr. retrofit kit, think of all the time you will save. A process that previously took hours to do manually will now only take minutes. You can get perfect cuts without all the measuring, cutting, and, of course, measuring again. And they will be precision cuts, exactly as you need them to be.

Here at CNC Masters, your satisfaction is our number one concern. If you encounter any problems with the retrofit kit, we offer unlimited, lifetime technical support. We will walk you through any issue you might have, either by e-mail or phone. When we say "lifetime," we mean it. We even transfer our technical support to new owners of any previously owned CNC Masters CNC controller or software.

We offer a one-year warranty and free master software updates. We even give discounts to existing CNC Masters customers.

With our CNC Jr. retrofit kits, it is easy to get started, use, and master. Not only will you get more accomplished in less time, you will be amazed at the results.

Order the retrofit kit for the CNC Jr. and get a whole new life out of your RF-30 or RF-31 mill drill.

The CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit

Retrofitting the CNC Jr. Table Top Mill is simple and breathes new life into machines that may have outgrown their purpose or are no longer used. Our retrofit kits are easy to install, simple to use, and makes machines more accurate than ever before.

Any CNC Masters customer knows that the CNC Jr. has built a solid reputation based on ease of use, effectiveness, reliability, and low initial and maintenance costs. Even better, the machine boasts a compact size perfect for any workshop, whether it is for a one-man operation or a larger factory. By installing the retrofit kit, an already great machine turns into something much more.

Installation of the CNC Jr. retrofit kit is easy and takes minimal time. Users only have to mount the new hardware, install the software, and connect the new control module via USB. Any user can start taking advantage of the kit immediately and will be able to enjoy the enhanced precision the same day.

For users who prefer CAD-CAM or CorelDraw, the retrofit kit incorporates modes that allow users to scan images before engraving more detailed parts.

Complicated procedures and precision cuts are vastly simplified, reducing the long process until it's only a few minutes in length. Complex plans that require intense measurements can be eliminated with our CNC Jr. retrofit kits and the time saved will pay for the initial investment almost instantly.

As with any CNC Master product, we stand by the CNC Jr. retrofit kit and pledge our support to any customer. Contact us at any time to receive support from our expert staff, as we always strive to help our customers by supplying high quality technical support at any time after our products are purchased. The CNC Jr. retrofit kits are backed by a limited one-year warranty but we always help our customers throughout the product's life.

The CNC Masters Testimonials:

CNC Milling Machine AccessoriesThis picture was given to us by a satisfied customer, John Russell of Ruscool Electronics Ltd. from New Zealand using the CNC Jr. Mill. The CNC Jr. Mill is a popular machine that is purchased by many customers worldwide besides the USA. We take our aftersales support very seriously regardless if you are in the USA or abroad. These are just some of the countries that represent our customers who have purchased the CNC Jr. Mill or the CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit: South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Gabon, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, El Salvador, Philippines, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Peru just to name a few!

"Many of the parts I have produced on much larger and more expensive machines could have been produced on the CNC Jr. The benefits of the CNC Jr. are less cost and less size. When we are looking at new machinery, we sometimes forget that the concrete these machines sit on is not free." – John Kitchens, Dallas, Texas

These pics were given to us from Avro

cnc retrofit kitretrofit kits for your cnc mill machinecnc mill retrofit kits

Enterprises in Ontario, Canada. He said it took him only 15 minutes to machine these two aluminum frames (third pic on right) using the CNC Jr. desktop milling machine.

Contact us right away for assistance or explanation on any of our products.

  • Pre-engineered for you when it comes to pitch and resolution. No additional parameters set-up required. Display resolution is 0.0001 micro-stepping travel.
  • Since this is not a complicated servo system, you do not need to tune up anything for optimum performance. Our design uses a micro-stepping system "already" pre-designed for optimum performance.
  • Ready-to-Operate System: As soon as all hardware conversion on your mill is done, install the software on your PC, plug the Control Unit to your PC, turn it on, and you are ready to program your tool path to machine!
  • Runs files from popular CAD-CAM softwares that produce standard G-Codes such as Mastercam, Surfcam, etc to machine and engrave intricate and detailed parts
  • Load DXF files from graphic programs such as CorelDRAW into CAM softwares to machine or engrave detailed parts from scanned images
  • Easy to Use Jogging Features and Feed Control
  • Jog-Input Command automatically writes each line of your toolpath as you manually jog each axis by pc mouse, keyboard, or the optional hand held remote control joystick to save as a program for repeat use.
  • Software Power Feed capabilities on X, Y, Z, and W with one click of the pc mouse for exact relative driving distance.
  • Tool Height Compensation with Automatic Quill Retraction for easy R8 collet tool change
  • Easily build a file of commands to machine simple parts without the need to learn or use a CAD-CAM program
  • Can add hand held remote control, engraving attachment, fourth axis, computer control coolant assembly--providing your machine contains a built in tank, and quick tool change, from our line of accessories to your newly assembled CNC Mill. The Hand Held Remote Control is an optional accessory which is mounted to your Jr's Z axis with Velcro.
  • Beginners will appreciate the user-friendly control system. Easy to learn and operate, especially if you already know how to manually mill
  • Digital Read Out Display of your X, Y, Z, (and optional W) counters on your computer screen in INCHES or METRIC using your PC mouse, keyboard, or our optional Hand Held Remote Control.
  • Unlimited "life-long" operational Tech Support step-by-step trouble shooting and walk-through process by email or phone support Monday-Friday PST during normal business hours.
  • Unlimited "life-long" operational Tech Support also is transferable to new owners of previously owned CNC MASTERS CNC controller and software.
  • Free Master Software Updates
  • Discounted Prices for Existing Customers of CNC MASTERS
  • Computer Controlled Variable Spindle is an "optional add-on" to your kit if you have a three phase 2 HP Motor. Click here to learn more about the variable spindle computer control.

CNC Jr Table Top Mill Retrofit Kits Tolerances


+/- 0.003" in 12" (+/- 0.00025 per inch)


within 0.0005"


0.0002" (or .01 mm) of linear motion on the X,Y, and Z

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CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit

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CNC Jr. Table Top Mill Machine

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Need Financing?

On-Going Support

We provide you with "easy-to-follow" detailed instructions on how to mount the motors directly onto your mill with our easy-to-mount brackets just like in the picture. The instructions will also show you how to install all the other features that is included in your kit. Why spend thousands more if you already own a RF-30 or RF-31 Mill-Drill sitting in the corner of your garage or shop? Put it to use, and design parts with ease using CNC Masters technology! All components and accessories on the CNC Jr Retrofit Kit are individually tested for quality assurance before shipment.

One-Year Warranty

The CNC Jr Retrofit Kit is backed up by our ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY! Tech Support by email at or phone (626) 962-9300 is available during normal business hours Monday through Friday, PST.