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Individual Pieces, More Accesories and Kits:

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Fourth Axis 6" CNC Rotary Table, can work with the CNC Jr./Baron or the CNC Supra Milling Machines. The Driver will be built into the CNC Control Unit and operated by the Master Software.


Hand-Held Remote Control including joy stick control, spindle and feed controls, high resolution micrometer handle, go and panic buttons. Allows you to jog your three axes by hand without using your computer keyboard. Great for the CNC Jr/Baron or Supra Mill to easily align your initial home position or machine simple parts with the joystick.


Machine Stand with Chip Pan and Storage with Latched Door for your CNC Baron Mill (assembly required)
Chip Pan Size: 31"L x 23"W

Air Turbine

Engraving Attachments:

"AIR TURBINE" Air Driven Spindle Model 625JS with 40,000 RPM, for jewelry, mold making, and fine engraving/detailing (requires air compressor 90 psi) Attachment in: 1/4" collet w/3/4" shank
Air Spindle comes with Oil Trap Assembly and Case.



CNC Jr/Baron ¾ HP Router Attachment with 1/4" collet for Engraving or Fine Machining Detail with 23,000 RPM which can be attached to the Quill of the CNC Jr./Baron Mill only. (requires 110VAC)....
CNC Baron Coolant Kit which includes computer control pump, tubing, magnetic base hose with two spray nozzles,
1-1/2 Gal. container, strainer, and assembly drawing

Computer Controlled Variable Spindle Inverter Upgrade Kit

Customers needing computer controlled variable spindle speeds can now mount this inverter to their existing CNC Jr. Mill or CNC Supra Mill or add it on to your Jr./Baron/Supra Retrofit Kit order.
*Three phase motor is required. (2HP, Jr./Baron) (3HP, SUPRA)
CNC Jr./Baron Variable Spindle Inverter Kit
CNC SUPRA Variable Spindle Inverter Kit
Three phase Motor 2HP to mount on your CNC Jr

Quick Change Tool

bundle pricing

Royal Products
Improve your production time.
Quick Change Tool Set by Royal Products
Add a Quick Change tool set from Royal Products for a combined package deal of $1,375.00 This comes with one Master Holder in 4 End Mill Holders your choice in sizes with the * only. Mix or match. (Additional sizes outside of this of special set can be ordered by scrolling further down this page.)
Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 1/8"  
Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 3/16"  
Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 1/4"  
Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 3/8"  
Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 1/2"  
Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 5/8"



52PC Clamping Set 52PC Clamping Set:5/8" for the CNC Jr. or the CNC Supra Mills includes:
  • 24 Studs (4 of each): 3", 4 ", 5 ", 6", 7", 8" long
  • 4 Coupling units
  • 6 Flange nuts
  • 6 Forced steel clamps, 2 each based on stud sets
  • 6 T-Nuts
  • 6 Steel step blocks
  • 1 Wall Rack
Range in size from 1/8" to 3/4" by 1/16ths.
6pc set range in size from 1/8" to 3/4" by 8ths.
11 PC R8 Round Collets Set by 16ths
20 PC Titanium Coated End Mills Set
  • TIN coated for longer lasting
  • High Speed steel
  • Center Cutting, single end
  • Complete with wooden case.
  • 10pcs: 2 flute 3/16"-3/4" by 16ths
  • 10pcs: 4 flute 3/16"-3/4" by 16ths

6 PC HSS End Mills Set
6 piece HSS end mill set includes 2 flute center cutting end mills in the following sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2". All the end mills have a 3/8" shank.


CNC Jr./Baron Splash Guard Shield Kit
Protect most of your work area from coolant and debris. (Assembly and installation required.)



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