CNC Milling Machine Accessories

At CNC Masters, we offer a wide variety of CNC milling machine accessories to improve the performance and output of your machines. Our CNC mill accessories are designed to provide better control over your equipment, making it easier for you to machine parts to your exact specifications. At the same time, these help you increase productivity while cutting down on time and expenses. Choose from our wide range of accessories and get the most out of your CNC machine!

Hand-Held Remote Control

Our most popular CNC accessory, now only $485.00! Almost every customer orders one with their CNC Masters Milling Machine.

Out of all of our CNC machine accessories, the specially designed CNC Hand-Held Remote Control is our most popular. The remote control gives any user greater ease when controlling the CNC Jr., Baron, or SUPRA during the initial setup, as well as during the operation of the machine. The remote grants the user functionality, even when not using the computer keyboard. Most importantly, a user can jog axes without removing their sight from the part. Now you can machine simple slots, do profiles, and drill holes, all without booting up your computer.

Hand-Held Remote Features:

  • Knobs for spindle and feed speed control
  • Joystick to jog any of the selected three or four axes which allows the CNC Jr., the CNC Baron, or the CNC SUPRA to be operated without having to touch your keyboard or manually crank the hand wheels on the motors.
  • Micrometer wheel, which is located at the bottom of the remote. This feature allows you to position any axis in increments of approximately .0002″ while two multiple selectors control medium speed and faster speed.
  • “GO” button to run the program loaded on the host computer
  • “ZERO” button to remotely zero any axis during setup
  • Red “KILL” button, located at the top of the remote, to be used in case of an emergency stop

The Hand-Held Remote comes with Velcro for easy mounting, and it plugs directly into the Control Unit via the serial port. The Hand-Held Remote adds convenience and time-saving features to any CNC Masters mill or retrofit kits.

CAD-CAM Software

AD-CAM software is an integral part of the CNC Jr., CNC Baron, and CNC SUPRA Milling Machines, as well as the CNC world. One of the many vital CNC milling machine accessories, a CAD-CAM program will be an invaluable tool; 3D design and translations of your drawing into G-codes will save you extensive downtime. Instead of writing your G-code files from scratch, using a CAD-CAM program will reduce design mathematical errors.

Click here to see our full line of CAD-CAM optional software.

Variable Spindle Speed Computer Control for CNC Jr. PLUS or the CNC SUPRA Mill

The variable spindle speed control allows you to power on and off while also adding the option to select any speed through the MASTER software. Very useful for any user needing automated control of the spindle speed, the features these CNC machining accessories provide will save the user time from having to stop the tool path program to manually adjust the belt and pulley in order to obtain a different spindle speed.

The control is a three-phase power inverter requiring 240VAC single phase power to operate. Additionally, the belt and pulley system is kept on your machine for the added convenience of changing the torque on the spindle. For example, a user needing a very low spindle speed (obtainable using the variable feature), but who also needs a high torque adjusting the belt will be able to adjust the torque on the spindle should the need arises. The variable spindle can also be powered on and off, and it can maintain speed control through the MASTER Software or Hand-Held Remote Control, all while having the motors disengaged to manually machine a simple part if needed.

Both the CNC Jr. PLUS and CNC SUPRA CNC mill accessories with a computer-controlled variable spindle are powered on a single-phase 240 VAC. The CNC Baron comes standard with computer variable spindle.

Variable Spindle Inverter Kit for the CNC Jr. or the CNC SUPRA Mill Retrofit Kit Packages

The Variable Spindle Inverter now also comes as a kit for customers looking for CNC machine accessories that would allow them computer control of their spindle’s speeds. The kit comes with easy-to-follow mounting instructions and instructions on how to wire into a three-phase motor. The kit comes complete with hardware and all the necessary cable connections. A three-phase 2HP motor is required for the CNC Jr. Table Mill Conversion, and a three-phase 3HP motor is required for the CNC SUPRA Knee Mill Conversion. 2HP Motors for the CNC Jr. are also available through our catalogue.

The variable spindle can be powered on and off, and the speed control can be maintained through the MASTER Software or Hand Held Remote Control, all while having the motors disengaged to manually machine a simple part if needed. Both the CNC Jr. and CNC SUPRA with computer-controlled variable spindle require 240 VAC, single-phase power.

Engraving Attachment

One of our oldest customers recently sent us these engraving pictures from their CNC Jr. Milling Machine. Their testimonials about our CNC milling machine accessories are the kind that keeps us happy as we continue to create the best customer relationships in the business.

With the CNC Jr., Baron, or SUPRA, there is no need to have a separate engraving machine. As some of our most popular CNC machining accessories, our engraving attachments are crucial for many machinists. The optional engraving attachment combined with the 3-D machining ability of CNC machines offers engravers creative opportunities not previously possible. Furthermore, with the fourth axis rotary table, it is possible to engrave on curved surfaces, such as a famous autograph on a prized baseball bat.

CNC Masters offers three choices:

CNC Jr. and Baron Engraver Attachment

The engraving attachment – which is a 3/4 HP Router that has a maximum speed of 23,000 RPM – mounts on the spindle axis, and can be quickly attached or removed with a single clamping screw. The attachment gives 11″ of throat space, which is the distance from the table to the router. The router comes with a 1/4″ collet; any tool with a 1/4″ shaft will be compatible. A reducing adaptor from a 1/4″ shaft to a 1/8″ holder will further accommodate any tools that have a 1/8″ shaft. (The router attachment is designed for the CNC Jr. or Baron Table Top Mill.)

AIR TURBINE Air Spindle Attachment (can be used for the CNC Jr., CNC Baron, or CNC SUPRA Mill)

The Air Driven Spindle boasts a maximum speed of 40,000 RPM, and is suitable for jewelry, mold-making, and fine machining or engraving. The Air Driven Spindle requires an air compressor capable of 90 PSI at 3 cubic feet per minute of air volume in order to obtain maximum RPM, and it connects the spindle with R-8 collet. The Air Turbine Model 625JS uses a 3/4″ shank and a 1/4″ collet for cutting tools.

The jewelry design in this picture was from a satisfied customer using the CNC Jr. Mill and the Air Turbine Air Spindle. Design is by Nouveau, Inc. in Bersa, Ohio.

CNC SUPRA Engraver Attachment

The ease of use and extreme rigidity offered in the CNC SUPRA Mill’s design will result in the ability to engrave a vastly superior product. This product will ensure the ability to machine units at far greater efficiency and cost effectiveness than comparable air-driven units. The RotoZip® brand (manufactured by BOSCH) is a proven workhorse capable of delivering the power and dependability needed in modern machine shop environments. The RotoZip® runs at 30,000 RPMs, and because the unit mounts directly to the quill (Z axis), maximum rigidity is guaranteed. The RotoZip® also provides maximum distance to the table for ample machining space. The CNC SUPRA Engraver Attachment is designed for a user requiring a low-cost solution for use with the CNC SUPRA Milling Machine. The attachment uses 5 amps, runs on 120v only, and contains 1/8, 5/32, and 1/4 collets.

These pictures were sent to us from another satisfied customer using the CNC SUPRA along with CNC milling machine accessories designed for it: the 4th Axis and SUPRA Engraver.

…”I decided to buy the rotary table at same time as the CNC SUPRA machine itself. Thank the Lord ’cause about a month later I had a gear cutting job come in for 100 gears at $150 a pop! Paid for the thing 15 times over! The SUPRA Engraver was a great idea!” — Ed Holdgate, Florida USA

4th Axis Rotary Table

True CNC Fourth Axis Control!

The CNC Control Unit is able to interpolate one or multiple axes with the 4th axis, 6″ rotary table, and it offers more options for machining difficult parts. The 6″ rotary table can be easily jogged, and it has a minimum motion of 1/100 degrees. It can be secured in a horizontal or vertical position. The fourth axis motor is the same as the X, Y, and Z motors (size 34 with 1200 in/oz. of torque), and it is identically programmed. The motion of the fourth axis can also be interpolated with the X, Y, and Z. Additionally, the rotary table is easily removable from our CNC mills when only three-axis machining is needed.

Quick Tool Change

With the CNC Jr., Baron, or the SUPRA, you can machine production parts that require several tool changes by programming up to ten different tools. The MASTER Software will automatically adjust the Z axis for each tool change, and the tool height compensation complements our manual quick tool change system. It only takes a few seconds to release and replace a new cutter from the master holder. The time saved by using a quick release system quickly justifies the initial investment. CNC Masters is proud to offer two CNC mill accessories to choose from: the quick tool change system by Royal Products, or the quick tool change system by Billet Designs.

Your Choice:

Royal Products (Master Holder: $515; End Mill Holders: $160-$170 each)

Master Holder and End Mill Holders sold independently

Quick Tool Change Features:

  • Once installed, tools can be changed in seconds.
  • Short overhang and positive drive permit many milling and drilling operations.
  • As simple to install as an R8 end mill holder; no machine modification necessary.
  • Female taper of body ground to .0002″ TIR in relation to R8 taper.
  • Male taper of individual tool holders ground to .0002″ TIR in relation to tool holder diameter.
  • Tools are easy to remove and install with one hand.
  • Very little clearance is needed between the tool and workpiece when changing tools, greatly reducing the amount of time spent moving the table or retracting the quill when changing the tool holders.
  • The body can be left in the spindle, reducing wear on the spindle from constant tool changes.
  • Made in the UK.

The tool is designed for light/medium-duty milling. We recommend using a solid end mill holder for heavy milling (5/8″ and larger).

Note: A collar locking screw is provided on these CNC machine accessories, and it should be engaged for the following applications: operation above 3,000 RPM, when milling diameters of 3/4″ or larger, or when performing heavy milling.

CNC Jr. Splash Guard Shield Kit

PROTECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS FROM COOLANT SPLASH AND DEBRIS! The CNC Jr./Baron Splash Guard Shield Kit is a necessity for any mechanist needing to reduce debris and spills from a machine. The Splash Shield Kit is designed to be used with the CNC Jr. Milling Machine, and it will limit debris and coolant splash from affecting any workspace. The kit comes complete with shields, hardware, and mounting instructions. Drilling and tapping of the CNC Jr. or Baron will be required. Shields are intended to help safeguard the surrounding environment from debris and splash.

CNC Masters produces high-quality CNC milling machine accessories that perfectly complement our products. The purpose behind every accessory is to increase the machinist’s ability to create and build, and we strongly recommend our products for this very reason. CNC Masters knows that reliable and effective machines are vital to any user, and our accessories are designed to optimize and enhance the experience of using our CNC machines. Whether it is our Splash Shield or our Remote Control, we put the same level of care into producing our CNC machining accessories as we put into certifying the primary machines. Regardless of the application or the accessory itself, the top quality we give to our customers is unquestioned.

While we strive to create multi-use CNC machine accessories that fit a wide variety of machines, many accessories have compatibility requirements. We strongly recommend carefully considering any compatibility requirements your machine or accessory may have before purchasing and installing. Of course, should any questions arise, we are always willing to help our customers determine which product is right for them.

We also offer the same level of support to our CNC mill accessories that we do for our milling machines. We stand behind our products completely, and we welcome any questions or support issues from our customers. Along with providing high-quality products to our customers, we are determined to deliver the best customer service a company can offer. We value the relationships that we create with our customers, and we are always trying to find more ways to make our service better.

Aside from our CNC milling machine accessories, we also carry a line of tooling for your CNC Jr., Baron, or CNC SUPRA:

52PC Steel Clamping 5/8″ Kit

  • 24 Studs (4 of each): 3″, 4 “, 5 “, 6″, 7″, 8” long
  • 4 Coupling units
  • 6 Flange nuts
  • 6 Forced steel clamps, 2 each based on stud sets
  • 6 T-Nuts
  • 6 Steel step blocks
  • 1 Wall Rack

20 PC Titanium Coated End Mills Set

  • TIN coated for longer lasting
  • High Speed steel
  • Center Cutting, single end
  • Complete with wooden case
  • 10pcs: 2 flute 3/16″-3/4″ by 16ths
  • 10pcs: 4 flute 3/16″-3/4″ by 16ths
  • Shank sizes: 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″

11 PC R8 Round Collets Set

Range in size from 1/8″ to 3/4″ by 1/16ths or: 6pc set range in size from 1/8″ to 3/4″ by 8ths.

6 PC HSS End Mills Set

6 piece HSS end mill set includes 2 flute center cutting end mills in the following sizes: 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. All the end mills have a 3/8.

CNC Masters – For Milling Machines and Accessories

CNC Masters makes the very best in metal, woodworking, and industrial machinery. Our tabletop mills, knee mills, and lathes are quality products that help you do precision work, whether you use our machines for your business or your favorite hobby.

You know that CNC Masters is the place to go for all your machining needs – but did you know that we carry CNC mill accessories that make your work even easier?

Here are some of our CNC machining accessories:

  • Our Hand-Held Remote Control is one of our most popular CNC machine accessories. It works with our CNC Masters milling machines, and makes it even easier to use during both set-up and operation. With our remote, you can drill holes, machine simple slots, and do profiles without even turning your computer on.
  • Our CAD-CAM software goes with many of our CNC products. This software not only reduces design errors, but saves time and effort when doing 3D design and translations of your drawings into G-codes.
  • Variable spindle speed computer controls for CNC Jr. Plus or the CNC SUPRA Mill allow you to power on and off the spindle and conveniently select any spindle speed.

As always, our machines and CNC milling machine accessories are made with the user in mind. They go through our rigorous testing procedures before we even offer them for sale.

Need some help buying a machine? We offer low prices that are very competitive. If our prices are still a bit out of your range, that’s no problem – we have financing available. Need some help once your machine is out of the box? We also offer excellent customer service, because our customers are our top priority.

At CNC Masters, we pride ourselves in having superior products and CNC machine accessories, along with superior customer service. Let us help you with your machining needs today!